Sunsets Dear Daddy ::::

Hi Daddy, How are you?  Tomorrow is Bobby’s 1st fathers day and you would be so proud. Johnny is living life at full steam ahead..maybe…

What If We All Were The Same?

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Oct. 06.
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Dear Daddy

Jun. 15.
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Protect Yourself On WordPress

May. 22.
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The Myths of Facebook

May. 20.
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Negativity In Life

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Apr. 30.
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Apr. 28.

Take Inventory Once In A While

Life seems to move faster than ever, I can’t believe it its almost May.  Where did the time go and how did I spend my time seems to be the biggest question I ask myself these days.  I’m not wasting my time, yet I feel that so many things are not where I want them to be and at times you must take stock and an inventory of your own life…for the greater good…after all what do you have left to give if you are spent or at least feel that way.

I’ve been experiencing insomnia in the worst way for the past few weeks, however with insomnia, you spend a lot of time thinking about things you often overlook when you are “busy.”  I happened to have a few aha moments which was to take inventory and continue and not start again…our life is clearly a continuation of what we do, have done and want to do.  People say you start over…but that is not the case..we rebuild, we grow and change and still continue on.  When one door closes another will open, why prolong the inevitable and just slam the door once and for all and send it off with love.  Make room for what needs to be, you’ll be set free…that is the power taking inventory.

At times I feel my thoughts are clouded, my ideas may be a bit far fetched and my goals way out of reach. Yet with every life changing moment that has occurred, there have been changes forced upon me and I handled it…instead of being relieved we should celebrate it..I am OK…just like everyone else…life happens.

But what happens when life happens and a very strong me emerges and the value of life just took on a new meaning once again?  Additional goals can be reached, maybe updated dreams or actually making things happen because there is a new understanding about life that never existed before.  I don’t want to spend my life wondering where the time went.  I want each moment to count, each interaction to matter and each person I come in contact with to teach me something…to share and be open.

Everyday I want to experience a better version of myself and that can only occur when there is self awareness, discipline and motivation.  Awareness of my dreams and goals, my surroundings and people in my  life and remove those that negate the journey. Disciplined enough to follow up and follow through with my goals and dreams and using the power of NO, not again, no more and saying yes to the things that truly matter.  Figuring out what will motivate me and how to keep my eye on the prize for tasks that truly are not enjoyable but necessary.  I worked retail and inventory was never fun…..

I don’t really care to take inventory and I sure don’t like to do it too often. It is a necessity in order to grow and change. It makes you look at the ugly parts of yourself that we often overlook or don’t want to see but if I want to be that authentic true self that I often talk about with others…its a necessity.

If you aren’t feeling it…stop for a minute and take inventory!

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midori miller dot com
Apr. 18.

God Is Love

I wrote these lyrics a while back.  I want my friends to know always that they are loved by God…mere mortal man needs a little more Jesus to help us through our challenging times…to know that no matter what as long as we accept Christ in our lives…we will be blessed with eternal life…I’m counting on it!  Happy Easter Friends…

Easter is upon us…I wrote these lyrics a while back.

My Easter gift to you…Happy Happy Easter!
Lyrics by Midori Miller

Love is a gift from above
Always remember God is

Your pain and your losses are no surprise
God knows the crosses I bear and rewards gracefully
Say a simple prayer I must act faithfully.
He is so merciful and he loves you and me.
Blessings we receive..bountiful blessings I believe.

Love is a gift from above
Always remember God is

God provides because he knows what I’ve endured.
I asked him for forgiveness and accepted Christ in my heart
All is forgiven and he opens the door…
to Love and eternal life…
it’s more than we deserve…Thank God… God is Love.

Love is a gift from above
Always remember God is
God is love.

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Apr. 17.

People are People

I’m not the person to go to when you want to complain about the past…and while these traumas are always big to the person who is going through it..I’m the friend who would rather sit and put our heads together and come up with a solution. Things that matter today. I’m also the friend who is very honest…I’ll tell you move on…what are you going to do about it or go see a shrink…yup that’s me.

I don’t complain for the sake of complaining and its hard to hear others do it…but I know that people are people… always remember….

  • Your time is valuable and you won’t get it back…pick and choose how you spend your time.
  • Humans are selfish regardless of what you think.  Mainstream media and our own thoughts make selfishness a bad thing when in fact it is necessary. I am very selfish in the way I spend MY time, MY energy and the way I live MY life.
  • NO one is more important than you..its your life…it’s your world…it’s what you have to deal with.
  • Small talk leads to conversations about others.  I’d rather wash laundry than listen to someone else’s dirty laundry.  I hate doing laundry. lol
  • If you live in the this very moment..what was so painful really won’t matter…if you live in the now you’ll find it a lot easier to deal with issues that affect the now.
  • A death, a loss in a relationship, a loss of job…any loss..requires mourning…don’t judge others for what they must go through..that means if you can’t lift them up…let them go.  In many cases when there is a death…many will walk away.
  • There is no such thing as frenemies or fake friends..either they are your friend or not…I find this statement silly… some friends are there for a season, some teach you things, some stick by your side and some come back.  That thinking of fake friends and frenemies is so high school….so juvenille.
  • Don’t fall into the trap of feeling sorry for people..instead help people…
  • Everyone has their own trials in life…their own lessons to learn…sometimes you have to let people go for their own sake and growth.

It’s not that I expect people to be strong all the time…I expect people to have the faith in themselves to know if they think things through they will make good decisions for themselves…If you think my life is perfect think again.  That might be why I cannot have a bunch of whining and complaining in my life.  We all have our own struggles, our own pain and issues in our daily life….it’s not necessary to run every move you make by a friend. The advice you will receive may not be suitable for you. takes courage to face all your demons and life head on…..don’t let the demons scare you…just do it because life is meant to be good!  and it is!

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Apr. 15.


I often wonder if I am prude in today’s standards. I think I am and I am quite alright with that. So many women are hurt by men, please fellas hear me out.  I think we sometimes interpret signals in the wrong way.  I think at times women who really want to meet “the one” see and hear what they long to hear and sometimes miss other signals.  Signals that tell you that he is not the one.  I used to get a very strong feeling and the words, I am in trouble came out of my mouth.  Next thing you know I made a mistake…not once..not twice..but several times.  I’ve learned that it is important to trust your initial feelings and every single time I was wrong…I interrupted it wrong..meaning…I took it for the opposite..when in fact…that little voice was telling me to stay away from these men.  Run Midori Run!

Of course I want love in my life and I so want to meet “the one” but not at the cost of losing myself once again.  As a woman its easy to do.  And when it doesn’t work out…a sense of failure and discouragement takes place and that stereotype thought all men are bad occurs… the thing is when you are with the wrong man its obvious but us women try and make it work…we try different things and it makes it challenging to let go. We nurture and we love deeply just as men do but sometimes our own insecurities and past deeply impact how we interact and communicate with the opposite sex.

I tried the online dating thing and it didn’t work so well, yes then I have friends who tell me…sure I know guys that will date you…they don’t want a relationship nor marriage but yes there are plenty of guys that would love to date you…interpretation is yes they will be happy to sleep with you…ah, no thanks…that is never a problem for most women.  Go to a local bar or even the grocery store…men are a dime a dozen and I don’t want any of those men.  The dime a dozen of men.

Often times I find that women jump in bed with a man immediately. It might work for some but the majority can share a horror story with you because they didn’t take time to know him.  I made that mistake once and as the saying goes doing the same thing over and over again…you get the same results.  A man less than suitable for you is a detriment for you growth, possibly your health and well being.  You as a woman deserve so much more.  

Women have a hard time learning this lesson as I hear these stories over and over again.  As women rag on men by being led by the wrong head…often times women do the same thing.  The signs are there as they cheat, lie or pretend to be someone else. WE created a love that didn’t exist in the first place and its all in our heads. We as women have let our feelings take over.

Some women jump in bed with a guy who doesn’t know your favorite color nor things that you like to do turn around and question why didn’t it work out? Truth is, you do not know each other…yet they have that chiseled chest or those incredible legs and the physical aspect of things take over our emotions….does that make a man a keeper? Not necessarily so….relationships are much more than physical.  Intimacy is deep.  I want intimacy.

Why give that beautiful part of intimacy to someone who doesn’t know you…who doesn’t care about what is in your head? Who juggles many women or treats you badly?  Physical attraction is just that physical attraction…but when a man gets in your head, understands you and loves you…that’s a best friend and that is true intimacy.  The mental is sexy and will last forever..chiseled chests and strong legs in time turn to mush.

They say you know whether you will click with someone after 3 dates…ladies do yourself a favor if you aren’t gonna wait at least give it three dates.  People always show you who they are…it’s just often times when we are googlie eyed we refuse to see what is in front of us.  Incompatibility.  Its not that they are just means they aren’t for you.  Don’t rush…