10 Things I Know

Week 1 has proved to be quite rewarding and challenging as Alecia Barnes and myself work towards fulfilling our dreams.  This week proved to be insightful and made me take a hard look at the way that I have been living life.  I’m a happy person and a positive person but what I discovered will make week 2 a little smoother, less painful and more productive.  Let me share with you the 10 things I learned:

1. Its a funny thing, rather than get advice from an expert we tend to gravitate to our friends and in many cases, our friends are no better off than the next person.  I love my friends but instead of running to friends I realized go to someone who is an expert in where my weaknesses lie.

2.  Bouncing ideas off of someone has proved not only useful but I have always believed two heads are better than one.  Alecia and I do not whine, we don’t complain we find solutions and go on to the next task.  Ultimately our reward is a vacation together if we meet all of our goals in 13 weeks.  We did not meet all of our goals this week but much closer than we both thought!  Hooray for us!

3. When you go through change, you’ll find that you will lose some friends, some by choice, others will walk not because we don’t care about one another.  The negative talk, having to justify, listening to the why’s or NO you shouldn’t..especially when you know the decisions you have made are for the greater good and will have no impact on these peeps…get rid of those folks.  If you really set big goals for yourself..they are only going to make you second guess yourself. You have to face the fact, if you want to grow just about everything in your life will need to adjust and that might require losing friends.  You have to ask yourself, were they friends and do they want the best for you in the first place?  If  not..then you know.

4.  Let God and let go could not be a truer statement.  This week my faith was fully restored.  God knows the challenges that were put in front of me.  Not only did I forgive all the wrong doings in my life…I forgave myself…yes I cried, cursed, complained and questioned..how silly…when all I had to do was spend time with God..truth is let God deal with all of the wrongs and wrong doing and you work on all the rights. I promise you will see change immediately and you’ll smile more often.

5.  Living in reality is a priority, see people, events and activities as they really are.  Its not their words its their actions.   Sometimes living in reality makes you say and do things things that need to be said and done, regardless of how cold it may appear when the fact of the matter you are living in love and with good intentions at least for me that is where I am in my life.  I want good in my life and I want that for those that l love.  It might not be popular but its the right way to be for me to thrive.

6.  Having balance in your life can be quite challenging.  Work flow charts, to do lists and a alarm or calendar have come quite handy for me. I’m real visual and can also rely on my mind.  The less in my mind and on paper leads to more productivity, pride and happiness.  I’m still a little off kilter in balance yet many things have improved on their own.  Awareness and developing a system will help me create good habits and balance will be restored once again.

7.  NO more excuses!  We all have things in our lives we have to deal with and my problems are no more important than a client or a promise that I made.  I always have a lot of things going and going…however with proper planning and telling people NO…setting boundaries can and will help this problem.  Over scheduling and over promising creates unnecessary stress and allowing you to keep your word!  I see it working in a positive way.

8.  Reputation is irrelevant, what others think is irrelevant.  Being your biggest fan is a priority.  You’ll have people in your life that will always talk about you behind your back,  spread untruths..its something that they will have to live with and I refuse to participate. That means not repeating the same story over and over again, senseless arguing your case.  This alone..cleared the hatred, the fear and most of all allows me to be myself completely.  You’ll always have someone who will try to bring you down.  Its life..but no longer my life!

9.  Make everything you do fun!  That’s right, cleaning house can be fun, work can be fun its all in how you look at it!  It’s what you add to it whether its music, humor or even have a pal with ya.  Whatever you have to do, make it fun!  You’ll find things you hated before become exciting and enjoyable and the least favorite tasks finally get done.

10.  Tell those that love you and embrace you with your flaws and all just how much they mean to you.  Truly appreciating those that appreciate you will only make your bond even stronger.  A strong support system is important and will bring a lot of happiness in your life!

Live well, love more, be peaceful and appreciate!  Let’s see what changes come in week 2!


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