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10 Things I Know – Week 4

Week four proved to be the most challenging for me, it was now becoming more goal oriented, task driven and staying on a schedule.  This week I fell behind a few tasks and one thing I learned just get right back on it and don’t stress, just keep your cool and get those tasks done.  Week 4 my finances improved, my self-worth sky rocketed, my personal relationships have changed in many ways, my productivity increased and I still enjoy each and every day!

Here are the 10 things I know

    1. Distractions – come in various forms when you are trying to achieve a goal.  Bad news, gossip, arguments, people, situations can impact your success.  Working from home it’s so easy to get distracted so now I go out and go to work.  Already a major improvement in productivity for me.


      1. Actions– You will always know the truth about people when their actions do not match their words.  So instead of listening to some smooth talking person spewing their gimmick, pay attention to their results or what they do compared to their words. Words aren’t gospel,actions allows you to see the true intent, many times with some people  it’s a sales pitch in our business relationships and personal relationships.


        1. Whistle while you work – not literally, I hear so many of my friends complain of the tasks that they have to do, c’mon, if you have to do them and the tasks are tedious, why not put some pep in that work.  You can either enjoy the tedious work or you can hate it, it’s up to you!


          1. Add 5 – This stems back from my real estate training days, if there are tasks you hate to do and you know you have to do them for success.  Why not add 5.  Add 5 extra phone calls, 5 extra email contacts, add 5 social media interactions.  I think you understand, add 5 this works with chores around the house, add 5 extra minutes to your cleaning time..and use that time to do something you would not normally do.


            1. Set Boundaries – This is one of my weaknesses but has improved tremendously.  Jumping hoops for uncooperative people or people who suck up your time to cry the blues.  I definitely absorb others energy, it sucks me dry, I feel spent and I see it trickle in my conversations and actions throughout the day. So during working hours or when you have to get things done..say to yourself, This is a no drama zone!


              1. Push through – This week I was gonna skip this because I did not feel like writing at all on my blog but I know if I break the habit it will only get so easy to keep breaking it until I am not blogging again which affects my goals..so whatever you have to do and you don’t feel like doing it…give yourself a good reason to instead of why you shouldn’t and push through.


                1. Stay True To Yourself– It’s so easy to let other opinions of you affect you.  I am beyond that narrow-minded thinking.  Truth is if you stay true to yourself you have so much to gain.  Pure joy, authenticity that people will see and really appreciate and you become your biggest fan.  In life, people make us feel guilty or say its wrong and call it so self-absorbed…It isn’t self absorbed its knowing and having the ability to be happy with you, love u  and the gift of knowing that you are enough..truth is if you love yourself you will be able to let that love flow freely right back into the universe.  I think the world needs love…love sweet love!


                  1. Less Social Media and more face to face – I spend a lot of time on social media, not only mine but a few others.  It’s so easy to get consumed with the happenings on Facebook and twitter.  Truth is you might have a lot of online friends but in many cases those that matter most are within your city whether it be friends, family or business.  There is nothing that solidifies relationships more than good old fashion face to face.  Get out there and socialize!


                    1. Make sure and keep your working tools in tip-top shape – For me its a laptop and a cell phone that keeps me in business.  This week I had to run various scans on my laptop because of a virus scare.  It’s like a car..if you don’t maintain you’ll be replacing or repairing before you know it!


                      1. Be proud of your accomplishments – I have a never-ending working load and I have come to accept it.  It’s hard when you have worked in areas where there is an end such as real estate.  No matter how much work I get done there were times in the past, I never felt I did enough.  Today my mindset is different when I look back at the week.  I feel very accomplished!

                      And we are off running  week 5..Live well, love more, be peaceful and appreciate!

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