10 Things I Know

Its been sometime since I have written anything on my own site.   My world is expanding and so are my thoughts, dreams and goals but one thing remains the same and will probably never change.

Coaching and mentoring with my business partner, Alecia Barnes.  Its less than a month a way that we will be spending face to face time together!  We are excited and still see improvement in our daily lives.    We started this as a 13 week program and realized it is a life long bond and now has become a part of our everyday life.

2013 has been very exciting so far and many changes happen each and everyday.  No doubt that this happens to everyone its natural, to evolve to grow and to change.  Here are a few tidbits I picked up so far.

    1. Know your self-worth in your business – Oh my, for years I have short-changed myself.  I have placed the importance on how others have valued my service, my time and my thoughts and ideas based on what they thought was a fair dollar. When in reality it had nothing to do with my worth but more along the lines what people can afford or are willing to pay.   This year I got a real reality check when others tried to ride on your coat-tails or pick my brain for exceptional ideas, this is a skill I have developed and its my source of income.  Do not let this happen to you, everyone deserves to earn a living and a good one at that!  In many cases those that spend the least money for your services make the most money.  Think about that!


      1. Set Your Priorities in Life – When you worry your priorities in life sometimes shift.  I don’t worry as much as I used to nor dwell on things.  I’m too darn busy and have true faith.  God first, myself 2nd, family and business.  Please, if you think I am selfish or arrogant, I’m not.  Think about this God answers my prayers and fufills my heart, I have to be healthy and whole to do a great job with my friends, family and business.  That is why the order of priorities are important in life. Set your priorities.


        1. Travel Your Own Path – You only have one shot in this life so make the most of it by doing what you love to do. Sure sometimes there is compromise but don’t lose sight of who you are and what you love doing.  Remember we are individuals for a reason and there are no two people in this world that are the same.


          1. Love is a Many Splendored Thing – It is a lot easier to live in love rather than live in hate.  Sending love out into the universe will surely send love back to you.   In the movie Dangerous Minds, all the students start out with an A in the class based on their participation.  They are able to retain the A based on their actions and class participation.  Why not start out every interaction,  every connection with love rather than judge, dislike and hate.  Isn’t that what makes the world go around, the differences we all have? Let me know if you find someone just like you…I personally would like to meet them. So  have an open mind and an open heart and love when you start something new, or meet someone for the first time.


            1. Don’t Hesitate To Say I’m Sorry – In 2013 I’ve apologized more than I have the entire year of 2012.  That is the first step to healing, to strengthening incredible friendships and relationships and maintaining strong bonds with people.  When something you say or do feels wrong, say your sorry, its your sub conscience talking to you.  Better to feel sorrow for actions for a very brief period in your life than to have life long regret or sorrow.  It takes a strong person to accept an apology but a stronger one to give it.


              1. Review The Past But Don’t Dwell On It –  We all make mistakes and often times things memories and mistakes in the past continue to resurface in different situations and with different people.  Don’t beat yourself up review it and see what lessons you are supposed to learn.  Live and let live…learn..release..and let go!


                1. Don’t Be So Hard On People – This is one of my downfalls. Having high expectations of others because of what you expect from yourself…is wrong..wrong…wrong.  My daddy has told me this about myself and its the hardest thought pattern to break…realize its a thought pattern that can be broken.


                  1. Keep Youth in Your Life – You can learn a lot from younger generations.  Today’s youth is advance in technology and science and other important areas about life.  Sure they have a lot to learn but they also have a lot to share.  If you want to remain youthful keep those youngsters in your life.


                    1. Get Up and Move Around – Our bodies are not meant to be still even if we are not feeling well.  It doesn’t mean you have to go and bench press 300 pounds but move around enough to get your blood flowing.  Circulation is extremely important and helps with all body functions and helps cleanse the body.  Get up and stretch, take a walk or run.


                      1. Know Your Own Truths–  Your perception, your life, your history, your future will be different from anyone else’s.  Too many times people in our lives, people on our favorite social networks voice opinions that reflect their life not yours.  Know your own truths, respect others opinions just remember this is your walk in life and nothing is more disrespectful to the gift of life than ignoring your own truths.

                      And there you have it!  Live well, love more and remain peaceful!

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