10 Tips for a Happier Life

We all have ups and downs in life…life is never smooth…it is never perfect yet if we are aware we can have some perfect moments.  Often times people have the misconception that life is either good or bad  rather than look at each and every moment.  When you can look at life in moments you’ll find happiness is within you, around you and is meant to be shared. Don’t you think our world could use a little more happiness?

  1. Love your life and own it.  That’s right own it.  Stop blaming others for decisions you have made. Often times people blame their unhappiness on other people or a chain of events.  Please you were there and involved…stop blaming others for your misery and look at it differently.  We all have lessons in life and one of them might be to start taking responsibility for your actions and thoughts.   Don’t worry about what others are doing instead focus on how to improve your life and learn to love your life every single day.
  2. Never underestimate the power of self talk.  Most folks talk down at themselves, well why wouldn’t they talk down to others.  If you are kinder to yourself, accept yourself 100% you’ll find that talking with others you’ll find a softer tone, a gentler word a lot easier.  Many times people put others down because of the way they feel about themselves. Tell yourself…you love you…depend on yourself to raise yourself up rather than depend on others.  When you have the ability to love yourself you’ll find a lot of happiness that you thought didn’t exist and the moments of happiness will be plentiful and you’ll be able to spread happiness around a lot easier.
  3. Be grateful and thankful even if you have been through something tragic.  You are here..you are alive and you are present.  Look around be thankful for the beauty you can see, the poetry that you can speak and the love you can share with others.  Gratitude is an attitude and one of the keys to happiness.  Sometimes our busy lives prevents us from seeing gratitude but if you start the day in giving thanks it might very well lift that so called dark cloud over your head.
  4. Depend on yourself.  That’s right, too many times we ask others to do things for us without even giving another persons time into consideration.  We all have 24 hours in a day and each and every person’s time on the planet is valuable and its their time not yours.  So if you need a favor, make sure you really need the favor.  Nothing is a bigger turn off than someone constantly crying wolf!
  5. Set boundaries– This is a biggie and always a challenge for me.  When you love people and you want people to be happy.  Realize you can’t make anyone happy especially if they have their heart set on misery. It’s not your job and really the only thing other people can do is create moments of happiness for others.  Its your job and no one else’s to keep your face smiling. Creating rules and laws in your life that is just for you is as important as breathing.  When you have no boundaries you become depleted, dried up and miserable.  Decide for yourself what is acceptable in your life and don’t accept less…you’ll find that when you set boundaries you’ll have less of a chance to be manipulated or taken advantage of.
  6.  Quit complaining-  So you have a high powered job and its stressful well I bet your salary compensates for that.  You work for yourself and you don’t make enough money and don’t like it..pick up more work.  Your relationship with your wife stinks…fix it! Complaining does nothing except its more self talk and a reason for people to go the other way.  Instead of complaining…take action and change what you do not like.
  7. Listen to God, Source, Your Higher Power –  I list it this way because I understand that not everyone believes what I do. Anytime I take time to think, to contemplate to make decisions I don’t ask my peers or my friends because in most cases they have their own issues to handle.  Some friends might be better off or worse off than you. Taking advice from someone who’s life is a mess or has never experienced what you have is just gonna backfire. I go straight to God and often times the answers come to me with ease.  Most people ignore that gut feeling, that whisper from Jesus…there is a reason why you feel the way you do when trying to make a decision..trust it…embrace it and be thankful for it.
  8. Take time and appreciate what you have and what you have accomplished so far –  People often look too far into the future and look back for too long with their focus on things lost or things that haven’t happened yet.  Think of all the changes that have occurred in your life and through the years and all the accomplishments.  Did you raise children to be successful people?  Are you where you want to be in life?  We are always so busy trying to be more…more..more…rather than enjoy and celebrate the victories in life so far.  So go out and celebrate…you made it this far and did it well!
  9. End the people pleasing – I am the worst, yet I have come so far…the old saying if mamma isn’t happy nobody is…well this includes men.  Never sacrifice yourself for someone else.. your time, your energy and your views..people who people please get upset because of their expectations based on themselves..well I did this for so and so…chances are when you people please they won’t notice it or appreciate it for that matter and you will become resentful…refer to # 5 if its a big problem.
  10. Maintain a high self worth – Some might view this as wrong, chances are the people who find this as conceited or vain are the same folks who will bring you down at the drop of a hat.  You need to be shielded from others negative words and actions especially if they do not agree or like what you are doing with your life.  Be your biggest fan and wear that self worth shield proudly.  Each of us are so amazing with our own unique traits, personalities and dreams.
There you have it and I hope you found this useful.  If you would like to read my blog regularly please subscribe and if this article was helpful or you think it could help someone else…please like and share!  I always appreciate my blog readers!

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