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100 Dollar Bills

Yesterday was such a heartwarming day for me.  I had to pay someone for their services and in most cases we don’t like to part with money, well this time is was quite the opposite.  They did a fantastic job and went above and beyond of what I needed.  I paid them with a 100 dollar bill!   No big deal right?  wrong!

The heartwarming part about this was the amazement in the person’s eyes, the joy in their face but most of all the words that came out of their mouth really made me smile, you know the smiles that come from the heart.  This is what they said:

“I never had my own 100 dollar bill,” with a giddy laugh and there was a level of confidence that really mesmerized me.  They studied it, smiled at it and put it away.   I got a kick out of it but not as much as the person receiving payment for their services.  I noticed they stood a little taller, smile was a so much brighter and the joy in their face to me was so well worth it and priceless!  I just assumed everyone at one time or another has received payment with a 100 bill.    Never assume anything!

All I could think was the fact, it’s the little things that can make a difference in someone’s day and someone’s life.  It wasn’t intentional on my part and had no idea but because of that beautiful reaction…I should do more kind things intentionally

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