2nd Week -10 Things I Know

As we enter the third week of our accountability and life changing course.  Alecia and I have had major breakthroughs in areas that really needed focus.  We often get sidetracked in our goals because of events, people and ourselves.  We have to learn to get out of our own way and here are the top 10 ten things that impacted the week for me as well as the others in my life.

    1. Asking The Why’s of other people’s actions – You will never know what is going on in someone’s mind even if they tell you.  The right question would be why am I attracted to someone like that or why do I let others opinions of me affect me.   Asking the why’s of someone else’s actions you will never get to the bottom of it, it will create havoc in your core, however understanding yourself and asking yourself WHY about You can open up your eyes and create a new way to look at people, work and life!


      1. Ignorance is bliss. – Thats right I said it, we all have this notion we can try to help our friends out of situations but the reality is only you can help your self  and those that truly want to help themselves. Sometimes being pulled into the drama and trauma of your friends can lead to a deviation of your own path and suck up ridiculous amounts of time.  Fact of the matter some folks love the drama and live with the victim mentality.  There is no room for that in life if you want to live the life you want and choose for yourself.   Most recently I started a conversation with I don’t want to hear about it especially if the problem has persisted for years!  Sometimes when a problem has persisted for years or there is a pattern no friend will be able to save you and chances are you’ll need professional help!


        1. It’s perfectly OK to ask for help! – This was a biggie for me.  I had to have someone step in, someone with a lot of experience in creating a schedule for me due to the overwhelming demands that I put on myself.  I know that once the schedule is completed there will be so much pressure off of me and the worry that once existed will vanish!  To do lists can be overwhelming at least for me. What I do never ends but creating a schedule will still allow me to excel in all areas of my life.  I try to seek people who do better at certain tasks where I lack.  I mean you wouldn’t ask your mailman to perform surgery on you…nothing wrong with asking for help!


          1. Be selective in who you share your woes with– The wrong people will hold your weaknesses against you and throw them into your face.  They will try to embarrass you and belittle you because of a weakness.  Truth is your weaknesses can be your strength so be careful who you share your woes with, what’s the saying, Beware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing!


            1. The answers you need are within yourself – Trust it, often time we get that warning, that gut feeling but we simply ignore it because we want a different outcome.  Trust yourself, believe in yourself and don’t run to others to fix your life.  Sit, pray, meditate do what you have to do to get in a place where you can see and live in reality.  You will find the answers and although you may not like what they are, ignoring yourself you allow others to rule your life and miss out on living the life you have dreamed of.  If life was so simple everyone would be living a perfect life.  Trust your gut!


              1. Don’t Count on Your Good Looks – If you are an empty shell inside where your life is just not cutting it anymore.  Look into your soul.  Most people are frightened to see themselves as they truly are and the physical aspect of themselves takes priority because it is so easy to fix .  If you are hateful, mean-spirited or spew ill will to others, the perfect skin, the perfect smile is not gonna help you at all.  Looks fade..but your true spirit regardless of your appearance will always shine through!  A beautiful face or body cannot replace a good soul or good heart!  Never underestimate people, its a fact, People will always see right through it.


                1. Never ever let anyone affect you in speaking and living your own truths– An interesting thing happened to me this week.  I bought a bible.  Yeah for some not the most exciting or acceptable things in their eyes.  For me it was a big deal and mattered to me.  When others knock what you are doing spiritually for yourself, it might be high time to let those folks go!  And in some cases these folks will fade on their own.  Its your path in life..so walk your path and your truth.


                  1. Stop worrying about so many things – Its true in most cases many concerns and worries we have never happen and things always works itself out.  You have to keep your mind wide open and worry free in order to make great strides in life.  Worrying steals away from the joy you could be experiencing in your life!  This week was an eye opener in regards to worry.


                    1.   Accept how people are in life – We are all mere mortals who are far from perfect.  I can accept people for who they are even without agreeing with them.  I see on social networks and face to face how people love to debate, have aggression or try to ridicule others.  You don’t have to fall into the trap but realize that not one person on this planet is perfect although there are millions of wannabe perfect folks.   It doesn’t mean you have to invite them to dinner or marry them just remember while you are pointing out someone else flaws you really should deal with your own!


                      1. Take toddler steps when rebuilding – You have to know if you start something new, or are reorganizing like myself.  It’s not baby steps it’s definitely toddler steps..know..you take a few steps, sometimes very fast and other times you fall, maybe the steps are backwards too!  Realize anything that you are building or rebuilding can and will be challenging.  So don’t beat yourself up!  Just as a toddler pick yourself up and keep going!

                      And we are off…week three..Live well, love more, be peaceful and appreciate!

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