3rd Week – 10 Things I Know

As we approach week 4, Alecia Barnes and I are kicking it up a notch.  The past three weeks we have focused on ourselves and slowly working our daily goals in.  Week 4 we will focus on the big picture meaning working the small goals to achieve our long-term goals.  Its been really enlightening and here are the 10 things I know.

Look for an interview in the next few days of my mastermind partner!  Can you believe she lost over 140 lbs?

1. Purge– sometimes you have let the old train of thought go, habits, people and methods of work.  This past week we purged a lot of our old self in order to embrace the changes we are making.  Every day we have made great strides and leaving many of our old belief systems behind.  Out with the old that doesn’t work or is not needed and in with the new.

2.  Getting real is probably the best thing I did this week.  No lofty goals and dreams.   Keeping my thoughts real, my ideas real, my goals real.  Living in reality.  Taking a very hard look at my weaknesses and facing the truth.  Nothing is truer than reality.

3.  Take days off – for so long I have had the poverty mindset, work, toil, to make ends meet.   It takes time to break these habits but can I tell you how I feel taking two days off and not doing one thing for work!  No phone calls, no emails and have barely gotten on the computer in two days. You know what I can’t wait for Monday. 😉

4.  Have true faith – My whole life I have had strong faith.  There was a time in my life I wanted to be a nun but events in my life caused me to think I was not worthy.  It’s the first time in a long time I really feel connected to God again.  No shame, no worries and am really living in love and peace!  I am really experiencing something truly amazing and for once I have not a stitch of fear, worry or regret!

5. Always be grateful – With reports on Hurricane Sandy coming in.  We both realized just how blessed we both are and how grateful we are.  You can always find reasons to be grateful when you know that others are going through very difficult times.  Instead of the woe is me attitude, why not have the what can I do to make someone else’s day a little brighter!

6.  Gauge Your Progress – daily, weekly and monthly.  Our conversations have changed tremendously because of progress.  Our attitudes are better, our work load has improved and we are preparing for the next phase of our accountability program.  The next 4 weeks will be grueling as we have added a lot to our plate.  So gage your progress from where you started from and where you need to be.

7.  Expect Change – Although we have set realistic goals one thing that happened was that we both saw that some of our goals needed to change.  Not because they were not good or realistic but when you toss out old ideas and add new ones…you can expect change!

8.  Hard Work Pay Off – I worked harder the past two weeks than I have the past 3 months.  I got myself organized, scheduled everything and was able to get to work instead of trying to figure out where I was going.  Not only will I be rewarded by a nice paycheck but the thank you’s were really appreciated!  That means my clients noticed!  Not only was it quantity of work but the quality of work and methods have improved tremendously.

9.  Get In Work Mode – When its time to work that means its time to work.  Working from home can have its drawbacks like visitors while you are working or you need to run an errand.  Get in work mode and stay there until you get your work done.  The nice part about my schedule is that my personal life is included in my work load and scheduled throughout the day!  I don’t get bored and don’t worry about getting everything done anymore.  From working out to how many blog posts I have to write.  Heck I have an hour a day for personal phone calls included in my daily schedule!

10. Accept when you backslide – The purpose behind our accountability program is to create new habits.  New habits can be difficult to form and stick with so if you backslide don’t beat yourself up, instead pick yourself up and keep moving along!

And we are off…week four..Live well, love more, be peaceful and appreciate!

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