About Midori Miller, Certified Personal Life Coach

As a young girl and throughout my life. I hung around the adults, listening, absorbing and watching what they were doing.  Early on I learned there are dramas, traumas and losses that people will endure at some point of their lives. Suffering does exist. I know personally.

I’ve had a dramatic life.  Every now and then I look back, I’m surprised how much I have grown through the recent years and throughout out my life.  These experiences are what made me decide to become a Personal Life Coach so I could help others like you grow as well.

Achieving Balance in your life = Happiness and Success

Your profession should not define who you are. It is just one of the many facets of your life that either bring joy or misery. It doesn’t have to be that way.  Having a good home and family life isn’t enough. Being spiritually sound isn’t enough. All three of those areas of your life are important. All of those things need to be in harmony for you to be both happy and successful.

In each of those three areas of your life there are setbacks and even tragedies that occur that can throw your balance off. Sometimes, it’s extremely hard to bounce back and get them all back into harmony.  You begin to wonder whether you’ll ever get back to ‘normal’, however, what is normal?  You define normal.

My goal is to help you achieve more balance in your life

Personal Life Coaching is my passion. Learn more here

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How can a Personal Life Coach help me?

We all get off-track from time to time. When things get bad it can be hard to see the forest for the trees. You can see what you believe the problems to be and what might be holding you back. But are you correctly identifying those elements of your life and do you know the best way to overcome them?

Having an experienced Personal Life Coach look at your situation from the outside, with a fresh perspective, helps you discover what the real problems are and helps you find a way to get back on track. Learn more about Personal Life Coaching here.

Midori Miller – My Journey to becoming a Personal Life Coach

I didn’t just wake up one day and say, “I want to be a personal life coach”. It was a natural progression of my own life’s journey. I struggled for years and in 2012 my life changed forever.

The spirit that I thought I lost came back even more intense. There were things stemming back to childhood that had stood in my way to live the life I wanted. I had to face my own demons. I just kept attracting the same things over and over again. Same boyfriends, same jobs and same treatment from others. Same mindset, same results.

In 2012 I came to South Florida for vacation. I had about $30.00, a check, 5 outfits and a full tank of gas and my car. I never left vacation because I didn’t have anywhere to go.  I was told to stay and my heart shattered. I was hurt, felt betrayed and spent 9 years with someone who I thought was my life partner.

While suffering I didn’t think I would live through it.  I did.

The pain I felt was heart wrenching.  I felt mass hysteria in my soul. For the first time in my life I admitted defeat, I surrendered, I was broken. I just wanted to feel different, I wanted change!

I prayed for change.  And things did change.  I changed my mind, my heart and my goals! 

I spent months alone with my blank notebooks, crying, weeping and analyzing my situation.  For every step I took forward I would take 5 steps back.  Then one night it all changed. I wanted change. Enough already. Let’s get on with life.

I just didn’t know where to begin and decided to start with the basics of taking care of yourself. 

I knew this was not how I wanted to spend the rest of my life. I knew I didn’t want to continue to experience this amount of emotional pain. I sure didn’t want to spend the rest of my life this way. Sadness turns to bitterness which turns to hate.  Hating life. No not me.

The journey began to face the pain..and the truth. I deserve better in this life and why do I not have it? 

I could have used a personal life coach back then, but I had to get myself going. I realized that My life was out of balance. The journey of self-awareness began once I admitted that I needed help to get back on track.

My learning, growing and self improvement continue today. The first step is to admit you need some help and the next is to take action towards balance. If you’re ready to admit you need the same kind of help I searched for, you can learn more about having me become your Personal Life Coach here, join our group sessions here and sign up for my daily inspirational emails here.

“Life is living life to it’s fullest potential and working with what you have.  Your potential.  If you are not thriving, you’re dying.” – Midori Miller

DISCLAIMER:  I am not a therapist or doctor.  I am a Certified Personal Life Coach. Let’s grow together. Please share and like with others who may need the help I can provide for them.

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