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I love my wordpress site but I first love is blogger..its a very easy platform to maneuver..and also very easy to edit.


Sure doesn’t hurt the strong connection between google and blogger as in SEO…and all the tools and features combined in one place…meaning adsense, feedburner and being able to add useful widgets very easily.

Many times my blogger site will appear on top of the search engines…I feed all of my other blogs into my blogger sites….and post there on occasion. I haven’t updated my sites in a while…but recently have been working on another…

Operation Warrior Support

Looking for widgets I was happy to see so many useful widgets and with easy installs…and in most instances..all I had to do was log into my blogger account and hit the plus sign for the widget I wanted to add once I found the best source for the widgets that I wanted.

While there are many worthwhile sites to get the installs from I found the best site ever…all the  links to install my favorite widgets directly to your blog in one place…

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