I Just Didnt Get There – I Made it Happen

Do you ever really take a hard look at yourself and notice changes, the growth and amazing experiences that life brings you or are you one of those folks who love a good pity party and are a sad sack because that is all you know?  When you speak do you put out into the universe of what you want vs. what you do not want and the next thing you know life takes a huge turn and your dreams become a reality?  Do you look at you…with love and acceptance and disregard opinions because you know that mere mortal opinion is exactly that and ignore what the naysayers say?  It can be done and can change your life.  I know.

People ask me everyday, what happened to you? Share some of that, tell me your secrets. NO secrets…just an understanding and change of thoughts and ideas. There is a transformation that occurs when you decide to make your life your own, when you can disconnect and have an openness of all the possibilities. When you can let go of mere mortal opinion by others and form a really good one of yourself. It’s not vanity, it’s a necessity and how the most successful and happy people live life.

Do you realize that people in our lives have purpose, they may be here for a short time or may be with you for the long haul.  You have to understand with time, things change, people change and sometimes we will outgrow others.  Another words there is no guarantee that the people who are in your life today will be in your life tomorrow.  Who promised that? NO ONE   Understand that, accept it and remember what makes you happy. People should not be the only source of your happiness!  You should be and the things you enjoy doing.

People have a tendency to blame others for their misery, for their lives and whine about what they have done for others. Many times these same folks have a tendency to spread this bitterness to every person they encounter.  Yet when things are good and right, rarely do these same people ever give credit where credit it due,  let alone speak the truth. It’s a deviant behavior.  One that the human race can live without and one that sometimes happens when there is hate, regret, fear and unhappiness. Do yourself a big favor and  make sure and surround yourself with people  who tell you like it is, who only have honorable and loving intentions.

I spend numerous hours alone.  It is with the pure intent of solitude and peace so that each and every person I encounter will experience the best of me.  Did you know that the most creative moments, the most loving thoughts come from a place in peace and solitude? It makes sense right? Most people do not understand that. People often choose to keep busy rather than deal with the source of their unhappiness.  If you are unhappy, there is a reason why.

I pray and meditate every single day. I can see the next step and feel the flow of life very easy now.  I know things..and have a knowing and it only occurs when one truly knows themselves. One thing you should think about,  Chaos attracts more chaos…. in the mind, physically,  spiritually and with people.  Who wants to live in chaos? Not me, never again!

While people tend to fill up their schedules with more activity rather than deal with themselves. Understand with 8 hours of sleep you have 16 hours to enjoy your daily life. You have plenty of time to do some amazing things for yourself, for your family and with your friends.

I watch very little t.v. and don’t get sold by media.  I avoid people’s day-to-day drama the best that I can.  I pay very little attention to fashion trends or what’s in today.  I’m intelligent enough to not allow these distractions to change the person I am and who I want to be.  Everyday people are brainwashed as to what’s in and what’s cool and immediately lose sight of themselves to only attempt to fit in.  It’s a terrible way to live to not be yourself!  And why would anyone want to be someone else?

This journey has not been easy but when you can keep your eye on the prize, I can tell you its makes the journey a lot easier and as the prize gets closer, you appreciate all the steps of the journey and realize every event, conversation and people were and are necessary to get where you are today.Many people look at the world with dark glasses rather than give light, they look at people with judgement rather than acceptance, they fear the next step rather than have enough faith to believe in themselves and stand up saying, YES, YES Yes I truly deserve this! Instead people waste their time on worry about the unknown rather than get excited over the possibilities of life.

People often say they do not have choices, we all have choices regardless of the situation.  We choose, we decide and we act upon it and  live and we reap our own circumstances and consequences !   No one said you will like the choices, no one said your life will be easy but one thing you can count on..its up to you all of it!  Take responsibility for everything in your life.  There is no one to blame…its part of life. We live, we love, we suffer, we’re human.  I choose life…a good life and you should too.

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