So many women are hurt by men, please fellas hear me out.  I think we sometimes interpret signals in the wrong way.  I think at times women who really want to meet “the one” see and hear what they long to hear and sometimes miss other signals.  Signals that tell you that he is not the one.  I used to get a very strong feeling and the words, I am in trouble came out of my mouth.  Next thing you know I made a mistake…not once..not twice..but several times.  I’ve learned that it is important to trust your initial feelings and every single time I was wrong…I interrupted it wrong..meaning…I took it for the opposite..when in fact…that little voice was telling me to stay away from these men.  Run Midori Run!

Of course I want love in my life and I so want to meet “the one” but not at the cost of losing myself.  As a woman its easy to do.  And when it doesn’t work out…a sense of failure and discouragement takes place and that stereotype thought all men are bad occurs… the thing is when you are with the wrong man its obvious but us women try and make it work…we try different things and it makes it challenging to let go. We nurture and we love deeply just as men do but sometimes our own insecurities and past deeply impact how we interact and communicate with the opposite sex.

I tried the online dating thing and it didn’t work so well, yes then I have friends who tell me…sure I know guys that will date you…they don’t want a relationship nor marriage but yes there are plenty of guys that would love to date you…interpretation is yes they will be happy to sleep with you…ah, no thanks…that is never a problem for most women.  Go to a local bar or even the grocery store…men are a dime a dozen and I don’t want any of those men.  The dime a dozen of men.

Often times I find that women jump in bed with a man immediately. It might work for some but the majority can share a horror story with you because they didn’t take time to know him.  I made that mistake once and as the saying goes doing the same thing over and over again…you get the same results.  A man less than suitable for you is a detriment for you growth, possibly your health and well being.  You as a woman deserve so much more.

Women have a hard time learning this lesson as I hear these stories over and over again.  As women rag on men by being led by the wrong head…often times women do the same thing.  The signs are there as they cheat, lie or pretend to be someone else. WE created a love that didn’t exist in the first place and its all in our heads. We as women have let our feelings take over.

Some women jump in bed with a guy who doesn’t know your favorite color nor things that you like to do turn around and question why didn’t it work out? Truth is, you do not know each other…yet they have that chiseled chest or those incredible legs and the physical aspect of things take over our emotions….does that make a man a keeper? Not necessarily so….relationships are much more than physical.  Intimacy is deep.  I want intimacy.

Why give that beautiful part of intimacy to someone who doesn’t know you…who doesn’t care about what is in your head? Who juggles many women or treats you badly?  Physical attraction is just that physical attraction…but when a man gets in your head, understands you and loves you…that’s a best friend and that is true intimacy.  The mental is sexy and will last forever..chiseled chests and strong legs in time turn to mush.

They say you know whether you will click with someone after 3 dates…ladies do yourself a favor if you aren’t gonna wait at least give it three dates.  People always show you who they are…it’s just often times when we are googlie eyed we refuse to see what is in front of us.  Incompatibility.  Its not that they are just means they aren’t for you.  Don’t rush…


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