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May. 22.

Protect Yourself On WordPress

About a week ago I changed my site back to WordPress  from blogger and did it very simply with Godaddy.com.   I love it and although its not finished I went ahead and relaunched it.  Everynight I work on it a little bit. I also receive notifications that someone tried to login into my site during the week before launched it. I find that crazy.  My sites at one time or another have been hacked before because I built them myself.  Because I never thought to take extra precautions. I thought my site was safe.  And it wasn’t and I want to share some precautions on what to do to help prevent yourself from being hacked.

  • With your login never use real familiar terms such as admin or administrator.
  • With passwords something unique and memorable.  Even though it can be a pain in the butt use longer passwords, a cap letter and some digits.  Here is an article from 2012 about scary logins: using the worst password.

I also searched for plugins to help increase my security on my site.  If you think there is better let me know.  So far I am happy with the few I have chose.

Any other plug-ins for security that you use, please share!  It’s a horrible feeling when your blog get’s hacked.   All these people who create plugin-ins must be pretty smart!  Thank you!!!

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