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Change is inevitable, it is the only way the world continues to evolve, people grow and learn. When the winds of change enter your home or business, be prepared for a bit of upheaval and then the new normal will start to emerge. I promise it is coming. While someRead More

How To Stop Caring What Other People Think of You

It happens, you are on your social media and all of a sudden out of a no where some troll comes along. Maybe you know them in real life or maybe it is just a troll. Either way, there are probably moments when someone says something to you or aboutRead More

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What If We All Were The Same?

I often ask myself what if we were all the same? ¬†What kind of world would we live in? The same color hair The same color skin The same religious beliefs The same mindset The same priorities The same fights in life To be a friend… Must you always agree?Read More

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