Take Inventory Once In A While

I’m not wasting my time, yet I feel that so many things are not where I want them to be and at times you must take stock and an inventory of your own life…for the greater good…after all what do you have left to give if you are spent or at least feel that way.

I’ve been experiencing insomnia in the worst way for the past few weeks, however with insomnia, you spend a lot of time thinking about things you often overlook when you are “busy.”  I happened to have a few aha moments which was to take inventory and continue and not start again…our life is clearly a continuation of what we do, have done and want to do.  People say you start over…but that is not the case..we rebuild, we grow and change and still continue on.  When one door closes another will open, why prolong the inevitable and just slam the door once and for all and send it off with love.  Make room for what needs to be, you’ll be set free…that is the power taking inventory.

At times I feel my thoughts are clouded, my ideas may be a bit far fetched and my goals way out of reach. Yet with every life changing moment that has occurred, there have been changes forced upon me and I handled it…instead of being relieved we should celebrate it..I am OK…just like everyone else…life happens.

But what happens when life happens and a very strong me emerges and the value of life just took on a new meaning once again?  Additional goals can be reached, maybe updated dreams or actually making things happen because there is a new understanding about life that never existed before.  I don’t want to spend my life wondering where the time went.  I want each moment to count, each interaction to matter and each person I come in contact with to teach me something…to share and be open.

Everyday I want to experience a better version of myself and that can only occur when there is self awareness, discipline and motivation.  Awareness of my dreams and goals, my surroundings and people in my  life and remove those that negate the journey. Disciplined enough to follow up and follow through with my goals and dreams and using the power of NO, not again, no more and saying yes to the things that truly matter.  Figuring out what will motivate me and how to keep my eye on the prize for tasks that truly are not enjoyable but necessary.  I worked retail and inventory was never fun…..

I don’t really care to take inventory and I sure don’t like to do it too often. It is a necessity in order to grow and change. It makes you look at the ugly parts of yourself that we often overlook or don’t want to see but if I want to be that authentic true self that I often talk about with others…its a necessity.

If you aren’t feeling it…stop for a minute and take inventory!

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