These Are The Things That I Notice

Butterflies, sunshine, dancing and singing, coloring books and crayons and ice cream cones. Blue skies and nursery rhymes are just some of the things I notice right now.

December 24th, 2013 was probably the most spectacular day of my life. Little Dax Miller was born and was brought into this world. He is my only grand child. He certainly is very special to me.  He is so innocent and pure and the world hasn’t changed him yet. In his mind life isn’t complicated, it is all about fun. Man is he happy. Because of him I’m a happier person and I’m a human being with true purpose.

When I look at him and all of his innocence it surely gives me hope. For a better world.  Yet I know one day that his innocence will be lost. I would do just about anything for him and that includes worrying for him. I suppose that is part of being a grandparent and loving another human being so much. It has opened up a part of my heart that I never knew existed and also brings new found fear. Fear that I didn’t know that existed inside me.

In these turbulent times, where there is so much chaos and confusion in this world, there are things that I notice and it scares the crap out of me.  He can’t change the world just yet but we sure can. Oh these are things that I notice….

  • When young children are being taught that “cops” are bad instead of teaching them they are here to serve and protect. Not all cops are bad and not all children are good. I want my grandson to know if he needs help that is what they are there for. I want him to learn respect and give it freely for others and for his own protection.
  • As adults we concern ourselves with childhood bullying, yet everyday, more and more bullies exist in the world. Adult bullying is at an all time high, just look at our political conversations. Celebrities get in on the action too and it is a sad example and message to send out. Lead by example is so much more effective than do as I say.
  • Where competition is a bad thing yet so many children dream of being a champion, a leader or possibly play pro sports. That is who they look up to and want to become.  It is hard work and the desire to be the best is what creates people to perform at their peak. This is entitlement at it’s finest and starting at a very young age.
  • Drinking bottled water in the United States is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity when you hear of water conditions in various parts of the US.  I dare you to swim in the water in Port Saint Lucie or drink water from Flint Michigan.  This is serious stuff, yet it is more important to pick a side in the Taylor Swift and Kayne West drama.
  • The lack of understanding and the truth behind, “Black Lives Matter,” as an Asian I can empathize as I was once hated by Americans even though I am an American. Black lives have gone through so much throughout history and have been stereotyped more so today then ever. What happened to us?  Yet people become offended by the reminder of what was done to them throughout time. We will never have equality as long as we have division.
  • We will never know truth as long as we rely on the media to provide it. We tell people to live in their truths but this type of truth is different from honesty and integrity.
  • For such a rich country and with the strong values and morality we claim to have. Too many children are hungry and too many are homeless. Too many go to foster care.  Too many to count and so many in need.
  • Cell phones have taken over true honest communication. The person on the other end is so much more important than the person in front of them.  People are getting too accustomed of looking down rather than looking up or making eye contact. This isn’t very human like behavior.
  • We must now concern ourselves with people leaving babies and pets in hot cars. What happened to our humanity and most importantly what happened to our awareness?

When my grandson is awake, I don’t think about these things. It is when I am watching him fall asleep after telling him stories and the sound of classical music plays in the background. Tears come to my eyes, a child’s innocence is lost by adult behaviors. I know one day, I will die, and I hope that Dax thinks of me in a similar way that I see him.

Our mission in life should be to love and accept all the different ways human beings choose to live. Our differences make us One Nation Under God.

You have every right to be disenchanted but we need real change. It won’t be any political candidate making the difference, it will be us, the people in the world creating the necessary change to live with one another. You have your rights and wouldn’t it make more sense to stop spewing the usual distorted hate and do something to make this world a better place.

And these are the things that I notice….

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2 Commentsto These Are The Things That I Notice

  1. A lovely post, with lots to ponder. As I get older I think about these things more and more. In the end we have to be true to what we know is good.

    • talk2midori says:

      Yes…we have the knowledge and power and we should use it for the greater good! Thank you so much for commenting and reading my post!

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