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What If We All Were The Same?

I often ask myself what if we were all the same?  What kind of world would we live in?

  • The same color hair
  • The same color skin
  • The same religious beliefs
  • The same mindset
  • The same priorities
  • The same fights in life

To be a friend…

  • Must you always agree?
  • Must you always hold back?
  • Must you follow actions and lose your own?

We live in an oversensitive world but not in the way you think.  We worry too much what others think when we express our own thoughts and ideas. We now have cheering sections as well as jeering sections. It really doesn’t matter in the big scheme of things.You got one shot at this life..its all you…why would you want it any other way?

We try to out shout one another to get our point across or force thoughts and ideas onto others when clearly they have their own path in life.  We sometimes reach enemy lines due to the differences rather than look at what we have in common and the good that exists in every individual.  People are swayed so easily to be something that they are not.  I wouldn’t put that burden on anyone.

If you expect me or anyone else to behave a certain way or have your beliefs…there is something truly wrong with that picture.  Look at yourself rather than look at those who have offended you.

We have free will.  We are not robots.  This world would fail miserably if we all thought the same. There would be no progress without progressive thoughts and ideas. With progress comes criticism. Don’t let it bother you…someone will always be prettier, smarter and funnier than you. But one thing is certain..people will like you and it’s much more important to like yourself.  Public opinion won’t matter. That is what makes humans so beautiful.  Unique perspective and contributions to this planet.

We teach our kids to stand up for what they believe.  We teach them how important it is to stand up and stand out and as adults we condemn those that do not agree.   As a society we must learn to accept the differences as we accept the likenesses.

Just because someone doesn’t agree with me or you…doesn’t make them a bad person nor does it make them our enemy. It just means we agree to disagree. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and we should accept it the differences just as easily as the likenesses. What’s good for me may not be good for you…I don’t expect anyone to lose themselves to follow me or my thoughts and you should not either!

If you want a meaningful life, if you want happiness and joy.  Be your true authentic self even when this world tries to dictate who you should be. Everyone has a voice and you might not like the tune. Get used to it. Freedom of speech has never sounded so good. We were not meant to sound the same.

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